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Critters in Michigan

October 11th, 2006

(no subject) @ 03:35 pm

I have 3 meeces currently living in a handmade cage, until I can get a nice one when I get my next check. Now, I have noticed at least one of the mice has a hard time getting up and down between cages. I have tried various set-ups, and here is the one I settled on now:

This shows both cages. I have tried using the purple igloo under the opening, but that isn't tall enough. I tried forming a 'bridge' with the tubes in the top cage, and having the green tube in the middle facing upwards, but the mice dig under the tubes and tip it over. (The cardboard is just support braces for the top cage).

This shows what I have under the opening now: a puzzle block tower. I have the tallest section of tower under the opening only part-way so they can climb it like a rock wall, and land on the short section when they climb down. They still seem very reluctant to get up there, and the reason I am worried is because their water is up there. Since the hole was already cut for the water before I made this cage up, I can't just move the water down.

Any ideas as to what I can use for them to get up ther easier? I can't connect another tube under the yellow one because they won't click together, with the way I have a puzzle opening under it (to support the cracked plastic hole I cut).
I was thinking of getting one of those fish tank castles or something to put in the middle of the bottom one, so they can climb on that. Is that a safe thing to put in a mouse cage, incase they chew on it?
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Critters in Michigan