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Critters in Michigan

October 11th, 2006

Hamtaro! @ 07:38 pm

Just incase anyone wants first dibs, I am selling my Hamtaro DVD collection. It is the first 4 volumes, each purchased seperately, the US versions. These are NOT rip-off imported Korean or Japanese copies, these are original US DVDs. Each DVD has 3 episodes. They are all in like-new condition.
Vol. 1 Hamtaro & The Ham-Hams
Vol. 2 Ham-Hams Head Seaward
Vol. 3 A Surprise Party
Vol. 4 A Ham-Ham Christmas

I will consider selling them seperately but would like to sell them as a lot. I only accept PayPal. Comment if interested!
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Date:November 24th, 2009 02:36 am (UTC)
I am interested in these :3

What are you looking to sell them for? ^^

Critters in Michigan