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Critters in Michigan

June 23rd, 2008

(no subject) @ 03:17 pm


these orphans were found in a boat at 3 weeks old.
they are 6 weeks old right now, but a little small for their age.

they are adoptable to anyone who passes the adoption screening from kalamazoo animal rescue and is willing to come to kalamazoo, michigan.  they will be ready for new homes in 2-3 weeks.  to apply, go here!

October 28th, 2006

4 Sale: 2 F Chins + Extras @ 02:30 pm

My sister has 2 female 4-5 year-old Chinchillas for sale. They have a large black metal cage, toys, wheel, lots of tubes (the large ferret sized ones), water & food servers, bedding, food, ect. She lives in Hastings, MI (south of Grand Rapids.) She needs to sell them ASAP. Please make an offer if interested.

October 11th, 2006

(no subject) @ 10:43 pm

Since I was going to post this anyway, and I can't handle watching my Jax suffer right now...

Final mouse cage set-upCollapse )

Hamtaro! @ 07:38 pm

Just incase anyone wants first dibs, I am selling my Hamtaro DVD collection. It is the first 4 volumes, each purchased seperately, the US versions. These are NOT rip-off imported Korean or Japanese copies, these are original US DVDs. Each DVD has 3 episodes. They are all in like-new condition.
Vol. 1 Hamtaro & The Ham-Hams
Vol. 2 Ham-Hams Head Seaward
Vol. 3 A Surprise Party
Vol. 4 A Ham-Ham Christmas

I will consider selling them seperately but would like to sell them as a lot. I only accept PayPal. Comment if interested!

(no subject) @ 03:35 pm

I have 3 meeces currently living in a handmade cage, until I can get a nice one when I get my next check. Now, I have noticed at least one of the mice has a hard time getting up and down between cages. I have tried various set-ups, and here is the one I settled on now:

Click for picsCollapse )

October 9th, 2006

(no subject) @ 10:45 pm

Current Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Introducing myself. My name is Dayna, I live in Grand Rapids and have four cats, five ferrets, four finches, and a series of small rodents, mainly rats. I've been breeding rats for ten years and place them in pet homes with screen adopters (in other words I don't just breed and dump them randomly or give them to anyone who emails me asking for them).

I post pet pics in my journal all the time. :)

Welcome! @ 10:10 pm

I am the mod, and since there are already a few members, thought I would post.
I live in Grand Rapids (Kentwood) and have a dwarf hammie and 3 mice. I LOVE to get them various cages and accessories and tinker around with the setups. I may get another dwarfie soon, to keep critter happy. :)

Critters in Michigan